Best Cities to Visit in Asia

Best Cities to Visit in Asia – Not only the largest continent on Earth but also the most populous, Asia is home to some of the most stunning and captivating cities in the world. Great diversity and diversity means that each city has a unique look, feel and identity, with something new to discover wherever you go.

Some are known for their fantastic culinary scene and bustling nightlife, others for their stunning historical sights and cultural landmarks. The settings also vary: some are nestled in picturesque bays while others are perched among mountains or nestled in arid deserts.

Home to millions of people who speak a unique language and display a rich culture and religious beliefs, many cities in Asia are very different from one another. Therefore, there is indeed a place for every type of traveler to enjoy. Best Cities to Visit in Asia

Luang Prabang

Located in northern Laos at the point where the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers join, Luang Prabang is definitely in a scenic spot. Surrounded by mountains, rainforest and waterfalls, it has many great kayaking trips, river cruises and treks for you to enjoy.

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While its natural wonders are fun to explore, this small town also boasts a rich cultural and religious heritage. Home to a number of important Buddhist temples and monasteries, its Lao name actually means ‘Image of the Royal Buddha’. Long ruled by the French, the city also has some lovely old villas dating back to colonial times.

Offering a fascinating mix of history, nature and culture, Luang Prabang is well worth a visit if you have the chance.


Steeped in history, Bukhara is a magical place to visit, with mausoleums, madrassas, mosques and minarets everywhere you look. Located on the old Silk Road, the city has long welcomed travelers and traders, scholars, and scientists to its ancient streets.

Situated in the middle of the dry and arid Kyzyl Kum desert boundary, the ‘Museum City’ is home to stunning historical buildings that date back centuries. The architecture is magnificent, and being immersed in the atmosphere of the old town is the best way to see its many sights.

However, the ancient city is still alive, and as you wander around the city, you’ll come across many market stalls selling amazing local handicrafts. With so much for you to see and do, Bukhara is truly the highlight of any trip to Uzbekistan.

Best Cities to Visit in Asia


The commercial capital of India, the port city of Mumbai is one of the most populous metropolises in the world. Thus, everyone and everything can be found within its vast boundaries.

Located on the west coast, Bombay, as it used to be known, is a fast, frenetic, yet fun place to explore. In many ways, the city defies definition: not only home to the glittering world of Bollywood, but also widespread poverty in endless slums.

While its congested streets can be overwhelming, Mumbai boasts some truly stunning colonial-era architecture, centuries-old temples, and stunning monuments. With a fantastic culinary scene and a thumping nightlife for you to explore, Mumbai is well worth keeping.


One of the most populous cities in the world, the chaotic capital of the Philippines may be a little hard to fall in love with at first sight. However, the effort is worth it, as its towering skyscrapers and traffic-heavy streets hide many beautiful and unique places.

Founded by the Spaniards in 1571, the city is situated on the shores of Manila Bay, with the Pasig River running through it. Old and new blend perfectly in Manila as modern shopping malls are located next to colonial-era churches and cathedrals.

Full of trendy bars, artisan markets and avant-garde art galleries with some nightlife on offer too, the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ is definitely one of Asia’s biggest megacities.


Located in the north of Taiwan, the capital city of the island nation of Taipei is an interesting place to visit. This is because the city offers a rich and unique cultural heritage, with American, Japanese and Southeast Asian influences all on display. popular tourist places

As such, you’ll find Taoist shrines next to Japanese-era mansions, bustling markets, and enormous skyscrapers. Of the many museums, the National Palace Museum is the most